Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 5 of 30

I have been meaning to start this blog for sometime. I am on day 5 of my 30 days shred with Jillian Michaels. It is Jan 9 2012. I started my journey of returning to working out for the new year of 2012. My moto is NO EXCUSES. I decided on this because we can't afford for both my husband and I to pay for a gym membership. We are trying to cut expenses and get ouf debt. That is a whole nother story. Over the 2011 holiday, I felt that I was putting on some pounds due to excessive over eating with all the amazing yummies around me for an entire 2 weeks period. I really noticed when I could barely get into my size 16 jeans. It frustrates me to admit that I wearing a size 16. I have 5'10" and honestly do not look that bad just a little overweight. People dont believe me when I say I way right at 200 lbs. The reason this is so frustrating is because I was such a skinny girl for most of my youth. My grandmother would try to feed me everytime she saw me because she thought I was straving. No I just have an amazing metabolizism. I never dieted when I was young. In high school at the age of 15, I was a size 5 in a 5'10" frame which is super skinny. I was active in cheerleading and loved to dance in my room everyday. So I did get lots of exercise. I did not start working until I was out of high school at 18. My first job was at DAIRY QUEEN of all places. I packed on a few pounds and was up to a size 8 which actually look healthier on me than the size 5/6 I was before. I was working and in college and so busy I didnt work out much so that is how I put on some weight. I stayed at a size 8 until I graduated college in 1999. In 1999, I started working out with then my boyfriend who loved bodybuilding. I put on some muscle and lost a little weight but gain muscles so I was in a size 8 but lose fitting. In 2000, we broke it off and was dating my now husband. We were and are still so in love and we didnt even think about weight and pounds. When I met him, yes he was overweight but the sexiest man I had ever met. He was confident in himself, dressed nice, smelled fantastic, and had the pretties eyes and lips you could imagine. He made my world turn around and around. So we got engaged and married in March 2002. I wore a size 12 wedding dress that I had altered due to I have always been bigger in my hips and with smaller top. So I would say my wedding dress was a size 10 top and 12 bottom side. I was still looking good and it was not a bad size for me. If I lost about 10 lbs it would have been perfect. I was not conserned at the time about weight. Time passed and we were happy and in love. In 2004, I got pregnant with our son, Elijah. I packed on 55 lbs during my pregnancy and wore XL pregnancy clothes by the end. He was born in Jan 2005 and I was in a size 18!! Wow really. It hit me then when I hit 18 because I was wearing the biggest clothes that some of my fave shops carried. I was fat and it depressed me. I remember right before getting pregnant I was in a size 14 jeans. Thankfully I breastfed him and lost 35 lbs. I slipped down into a size 16 going to a size 14. I have been 14 or 16 over the past 7 years. I have tried weight watchers, slim fast, and just smaller meals. I have not given my all I admit. In 2012, I have decided it is enough. I have to get out of this madness.

My exercise is 20 min circuit training workout with Jillian Michaels video 30 day shred. I am currently on level 1. There are 3 levels and I hope to move up to each one to make a change in my challenges. I did not weight at first but about day 3 I weighted at 195. I was suprised because I thought I was 200lbs. I think I must have lots of a lot of water weight after drinking more water now. I have changed my diet to be 2 meal replacement shakes, 2 small healthy snakes and one 500 calorie meal. I am trying to record my food log.

My weakness right now it I tend to stay up late working on scrapbooking and want to snake. I have been snaking on healthier things like light popcorn and handfull of nut but I need to cut that out if I want this work. I have noticed my jeans fitting loser so that is making me happy. I do feel a cool sensation over me like wow I feel better and I am proud of myself for getting this far...5 days. I will be even prouder at the end of this week. I will admit today I didnt not work out right out of bed but will be popping in the video as soon as I get home to work out. My son loves doing the video with me and he makes me laugh. I love him so much.

Well I know this may not be the most inspiring blog but hey I am trying. Wish me luck!